Professional development for Australia Awards alumni

As we cope with the impacts of COVID-19, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) endeavours to continue supporting Australia Awards alumni while they advance their professional development and continue to make a difference in the Maldives.

To this effect, DFAT is offering Australia Awards alumni in the Maldives the opportunity to apply for one of 5 JSTOR subscriptions, in selected priority areas.


  • Applicants from the Maldives must have studied in Australia through an Australian Government-supported Scholarship, including either: an Australia Awards Scholarship or Short Course; an Endeavour Scholarship or Fellowship.
  • Applications must be sent to Australia Awards – Maldives. A duly filled application form, together with a copy of the Australian qualification certificate and the Vendor Creation form, must be submitted to by 10 June 2020. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.
  • Applications should be linked with one of the Australia Awards priority sectors in the Maldives (refer to the application form).
  • Opportunities are awarded on a competitive basis and all decisions are final.

Alumni Professional Development Opportunity Application Form – Maldives

Vendor Creation Form